Matthew Miltich

Bassist Matthew Miltich is one of ten children of musical parents, bassist Matthew Joseph Miltich, and cellist Jean Baird, both music graduates of the University of Minnesota.  After military service and college, he began performing with his brothers Anthony and Paul and others, but had limited opportunities to play jazz.  His career as a jazz bassist began in earnest when his son Sam began to perform professionally and asked his father to accompany him. Matthew has played jazz in a variety of venues, as far away as Japan, as close as his hometown of Grand Rapids, Minnesota.  He’s performed in jazz clubs and toured with vocalists Charmin Michelle and Connie Evingson, performed in Canada and from as far east in the U.S. as Eastport Maine, and as far west as Puget Sound, in pubs and coffee houses and concert halls.  He holds four college degrees (two Bachelors degrees, two Masters degrees) in language, literature, and writing, but as a bassist is essentially self-taught.